Capturing a 360 aftermovie in Paradiso Amsterdam

Curated By is one of the biggest drum ‘n bass events in the netherlands. When we were contacted by the organisation inquiring the possibility of shooting a clip there we didn’t hesitate for a second; this would be the perfect opportunity to test our new 360 camera systems in a setting with an amazing vibe and profile.

For this assignment, the following tasks were at hand:

  • Scene-scouting to determine camera-positions
  • Extensive pre-shoot preparations
  • Directing
  • High-end Audio Capture
  • Stitching, editing and delivering footage


We tackled this project with a skeleton crew of 3 men, so extensive pre-production was required to ensure a smooth capture.

A 360 aftermovie requires a radically different approach then classic 2d footage, as every angle needs to be interesting.

360 Video Production/ Direction
Stiching & Editing
Audio profiling
Camera Rigging
Days of Production
Of footage
Full 360 camera rigs

Capturing 360

It's like your there

For any event of festival the most important thing is the vibe, but the full experience of an event doesn’t always translate the best to 2d video. 360 video allows you to see the whole picture like you’re really there.


If your event is sold-out, engage your fans by allowing them to get a sneak (360) peek so’ll they be involved for the next edition

Multiple POV's

Dynamic 360 video’s are hard to come by, but our experience with multiple systems and innovative controls allows us to capture the event from multiple dynamic POV’s.


Good 360 video is simply magical 😉