A look in the Bruynzeel kitchen

Bruynzeel Kitchens is a dutch marketleader in Kitchens that just work for their clients. These kitchens are filled to the brim with useful and thought through designs and gimmicks. Boldly XR introduced 360 product photography to allow them to share these designs on a unique way via social media.

A 2D image is not always the best visualisation. Boldly XR shot dozens of 360 pictures of remarkable kitchen lay-outs.
These 360 images performed really well on social media and gave users a unique look inside the showroom.

These pictures where shot with one of our pro 360 systems, the Insta 360 peo.
This camera has 6 high-resolution sensors to capture the entire environment.
Boldly-XR took care of all post-editing and integration of information to share the pictures effectively via several platforms.