Projection Mapping in de Amsterdam RAI

Bruynzeel, the dutch marketleader in kitchens was looking for an impactful interactive centerpiece for their stand at provada 2018, a real estate expo in the Amsterdam RAI. Together we’ve chosen for real-3D projection mapping, a technique which brings physical objects to life in an impressive way.
Bruynzeel provided us with an actual kitchen as projection surface, on which we delivered an interactive 3D-show which people could edit live with an kitchen-configurator on an iPad pro.

This assignment consisted out of the following parts:

  • Converting Buynzeel assets to 3-D models
  • Texturing kitchens
  • Socket-based iPad systeem with a connection to the mediaserver
  • High-end 3D animation
  • Prototyping in our workshop


A project like this requires a true multi-disciplinary team. Experts in 3D-animation, audio design, front-end, creative technology, wóódworking and AV worked together to facilitate this endresult.

Interaction Design
Days of Work
Possible Combinations
Prototypes Done

Direct impact in the Amsterdam RAI

Crowd pleaser

Immediate attention in a competitive space by introducing an unusal but impressive way of visualisation

Conversation Starter

Good conversations are key on an exhibition, starting a conversation was easier then ever,  as people  would stop and stare at the projection mapping

The Entire collection at your fingertips

Exhibition spaces are expensive, so it’s important to think economically about every m2 as one can only place so many kitchens in a limited amount of space.

Projection mapping allowed bruynzeel to show off their entire collection, every combination of grips, countertops and front models at the fingertips of the exhibition visitors.


Improving the brand-experience by amazing people with amazing innovations.