Intense VR product experience

Holmatro, market-leader in industrial and rescue equipment had an interesting Challenge; how could they convey the power, durability and ease of use of their new Industrial EVO 3 line of battery cutters to their end-users in an expo environment that wouldn’t allow for a realistic (safe) demo?

A VR Experience, was our answer. With the help of VIVE Trackers and accurate 3D-Modelling we brought their Industrial battery cutters 1:1 to life in virtual reality.
Endusers could actually wield the device and were transported by chopper to an abandoned oil rig in the gulf of mexico, where they were briefed on the capabilities of the device before they were challenged to use it to recycle the scrap metal of the rig.

For this assignment, the following tasks were at hand:

  • Converting the Industrial Cutters to a Unity Engine asset
  • Rigging the device to be used in Virtual Reality
  • Extensive environment design on the oil rig and the journey towards it
  • C# scripting to detect and cut the metal bars
  • Prototyping in our workshop


A project like this requires a true multi-disciplinary team. Experts in 3D-animation, audio design, front-end, creative technology, wóódworking and AV worked together to facilitate this endresult.

Interaction Design
Days of Work
Prototypes Done

Convincing VR Experience

Crowd Pleaser

Immediate attention in a competitive space by introducing an unusal but impressive way of visualisation

Conversation Starter

Good conversations are key on an exhibition, Virtual Reality is an amazing way to draw people in your stand and getting them involved.


People love to photograph and film their friends and colleagues in VR. Introducing a hashtag and giveaway allows for a significant peak in brand-awareness.


Improving the brand-experience by amazing people with amazing innovations.