High-end VR training

Perfetti van Melle, the parent company of lots of the worlds most well known candy and chewing gum brands like; mentos, klene, chupa-chups, smint and many many more operates over 30 manufacturing facilities around the world, an amazing feat.

One of the key elements to assuring a safe and sustainable production are employees that are expertly trained in the field of risk assement.
Their PVM Blue training programme did exactly that, but required their training crew to travel around the world at great cost and came with a great number of limitations.

Together with digital agency Sping, we proposed an alternative; high-end, interactive VR-training.
We ended up travelling halfway across the world to shoot this content at their manufacturing plant with the Jaunt (one of the best 360 systems in the world) crew and our content label Breese.

Together with the PVM Blue training crew we shot the training in a matter of days, but that was just the start, there was lots to do on the back-end of things as well.

We integrated the entire training seamlessly with their Totara training platform, so the progress of every employee could be tracked accurately.

The ROI was clear: PVM saves a significant amount a year on travelling and training costs, next to a significant discount on their insurance fees as their employees are way better trained & tested in the field of risk assessment then before


This complex project required a talented team-up of Boldly, Breese en Sping each with their own expertise to bring to the project

Interaction Design
Days of Work
km away from home
Of data

Impactful VR training

Direct ROI

A clear, immediate return on investment made an extensive project like this an easy choice

Investing in Employees

Good education for your employees is key, asĀ  you want them to grow along with the company, the VR training does exactly that, with measurable results.

Scalable deployment

We’ve built the project with scaling in mind, our modular approach allows, next to easy additions and revisions, a plethora of VR devices to run the content

Safety First

With expertly trained employees, risks are lower than ever before.